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Empowering businesses to create outstanding digital experiences
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About Us

We believe that businesses today should be able to leverage cutting edge technology in order to operate efficiently and to create outstanding digital experiences for their customers. With over two decades of work in enterprise web technology and a background in small business, Kingsway Digital understands how to tailor solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Small & Medium Businesses

Digital Strategy Consulting

Expanding your online presence? Looking to implement a comprehensive digital experience for your customers? Replacing an old platform with something new? Kingsway Digital will work with you to understand your business needs and craft a comprehensive plan for you to get there. We will devise the strategy, review it with you, and ensure that the solution is implemented properly.

Tactical Development

Need assistance on a small project, like a new landing page, site revamp, search engine optimization, or a feature enhancement for your system? We'll take care of it for you. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

Web Application Development

Is it time to move spreadsheet-based processes online? Are you tired of error-prone transcription work? Ready to bring your company's internal operations to an online application? We specialize in creating highly-usable custom web applications that save time and streamline processes and allow customers to focus their attention on their core business objectives, not their IT systems.


Coming Soon

Kingsway Digital enterprise solutions are not available at this time but are coming soon. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates and announcements.


We're based in the Kingsway, in the heart of Etobicoke, but we work with customers across Canada and the United States. Let's talk and discuss what you have in mind.


121 Meadowvale Drive
Toronto, ON M8Z 3J9


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