Consulting Subscription

Genius Service

On-demand expertise without the cost of dedicated staff.

Kingsway Digital’s Genius Service is a subscription service that puts a CMS expert onto your team of I.T. personnel, for a fraction of the cost of a new hire. 

Choose the level of support that you need, and pay a low monthly fee. Plans include various quantities of Genius Points that you can spend on maintenance, troubleshooting, questions, training, or enhancements. Certain plans also include production support on approved solutions. 

When you need help, submit a request and get a Genius Point quote within a business day. Tasks will be completed by one of our experts during an agreed-upon timeframe. You can roll some of your unused Genius Points forward to the next month, and keep up to date on your Genius Point balance using our online dashboard and via monthly email reports from Kingsway Digital. 

Pay by credit card or receive monthly invoices. A one-year term applies. 

Genius Service plans vary based on the amount of support you will need, as well as the required response time.  Please contact sales for details and pricing options, or to get started.

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