Introducing Kingsway Digital's

Video Solutions

Kingsway Digital's Video Solutions are powered by Crafter Video, a dedicated cloud-native world-scale video solution for Crafter CMS.  

Manage your channels, live streams and on-demand video natively and directly inside the CMS.

Curate a complete browsing experience for your customers by leveraging your video content in the same way that photo, graphic and text content are already managed on your site.

Alternately, (or in addition), stream your video content through custom apps built for iOS and Android mobile devices or modern set-top platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Fire, and more.

Your video assets are backed and streamed by AWS Elemental, the provider that powers Netflix, the world's leading internet television network, and thousands of other businesses and social media networks.

Protect your content using industry-standard digital rights management (DRM). Monetize your videos by selling subscriptions, pay-per-view, or by running ads directly inline.