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Does it take too long to launch marketing landing pages or microsites? Do you shudder at the thought of having to manage a website translated into 15 languages? Do you need to control access to edit your departmental or brand-specific microsites? Is your CMS getting crushed because you have a few thousand pages in your system?

You need help wrangling your enterprise web content management system.

Kingsway Digital's team has been building websites for some of the world's largest corporations for over two decades. This is what we do. We're very good at it. Let's talk.

Our Technology Partners

We specialize in Oracle WebCenter Sites/FatWire, Crafter CMS, and Agility CMS, because these platforms offer excellent functionality, are very robust, offer a clean business user experience, and are developer friendly. This means you get rich functionality, happy business users, great uptime, and efficient expansion. You're an enterprise. Experts with proper tools will get the job done right.

Strategy and Planning

Simplified, Centralized Content Management

CMS is not a four-letter word. Our team crafts elegant authoring workflows and experiences using powerful tools to allow content to be well-organized and readily usable. 

Content Strategy and Modelling

A robust, efficient content model supports longevity and drives your web experience. We will work with you to understand your content needs, and develop a high-level strategy for its use and management. 

Kingsway Digital will develop a detailed content model and supporting workflow for your web content, including storage, non-hosted integrated content, and links to third party content.

CMS Integration

Modern web experiences draw functionality and services from multiple technical platforms. These can include marketing platforms, content delivery networks, translation service providers, CRM solutions, and more.

Kingsway Digital integrates third party technology into your web solution to provide a rich and seamless experience for your users.

CMS Solution Architecture & Deployment Strategy

We will work with you to develop a solution architecture that addresses your needs, including the optimal number and sizing of environments and integration points. We will develop a deployment strategy that suits your needs based on your internal technical and business workflows, development practices, and required solution architecture

Authoring Experience

Content Authoring Experience Tailoring

Once core technology capabilities are delivered, CMS solutions live or die based on the satisfaction of the users working with them every day. Often neglected, the business user experience dictates the quantity and quality of work your team puts into the solution.

Kingsway Digital will ensure that your users have an elegant, efficient, and effective CMS experience by tailoring the solution to their needs in an upgrade-safe and cost-effective manner.

Flexible, Marketing-Friendly Page Templates

The use of a CMS should not handcuff your creative marketing team and get in the way of beautiful pages. Inspired content model design, flexible components, and exactly the right touch of UI extensions will provide your primary users with the power and flexibility they need to realize their vision without requiring a call to I.T. or an unsavoury workaround.

Copy Writing

Augment your content project and effectively communicate your message with professionally-crafted short, medium, or long-form content from one of our specialists.


Skilled, enthusiastic stakeholders will be strong advocates and valuable users of your CMS solution.

Kingsway Digital will train your team, to give them the skills they require to make your solution sing.

We offer custom classes, online workshops, video tutorials, and mentoring.


Video Solutions

Over the Top video platforms have become extremely popular in recent years. Crafter Video Centre provides an excellent foundation for building your OTT solution for live streaming or video on demand (VOD), all within your CMS platform.  Our team will work with you to bring your video delivery plans to life.

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User Experience Design

Our design partners will work with you to develop a beautiful and engaging site or mobile app.

Multilingual Solutions

Successful multilingual sites have their content and translation strategies planned in advance. It is extremely expensive to retro-fit translation and localization into an existing content model and rendering model after launch. We have designed and built large multilingual sites for years.  If you have translation requirements for your project, we can help ensure that they are properly addressed.

Translation Management System Integration

Translation Management Systems facilitate having content translated by the right individuals and systems in a timely manner. These systems can be extremely powerful when properly integrated with a CMS.

We have designed and built productized CMS-TMS integrations for platforms like Lingotek, Cloudwords, Translations.com, Clay Tablet, and more. We are experienced in tuning these systems for active deployments. If you have a TMS, we can help tie it in to your CMS to streamline the translation process.

Deployment Support


Skilled, enthusiastic stakeholders will be strong advocates and valuable users of your CMS solution.

Kingsway Digital will train your team, to give them the skills they require to make your solution sing.

We offer custom classes, online workshops, video tutorials, and mentoring.

Launch Support

Whether deploying on-premise or in the cloud, the launch of a new website or major new feature set can be a complex and stressful operation.

Kingsway Digital will work with your team to develop a launch strategy that suits your needs, and provide leadership, guidance, and support up to, during, and following the flip of the switch.

Post-Launch Maintenance & Support

You website will evolve over time, and the care and maintenance of your solution are essential to its success. 

Kingsway Digital offers post-launch support and maintenance plans that can support a wide variety of operational and budgetary needs, from ad-hoc consulting support to discounted support and enhancement subscription packages.

Kingsway Digital Genius Service

Access consulting services through a subscription service for ongoing tasks, simple budgeting and guaranteed availability.

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